Sin Imagen. Solo

Foto Melly Avila




Sin imagen es una paradoja: presenta un cuerpo para ser observado pero ese cuerpo no piensa que es observado. El cuerpo se vuelve un contenedor y reproductor de sensaciones que no pueden verse pero que suceden. Lo que ese cuerpo hace no tiene ninguna relación con una imagen y a la vez nunca deja de tener una. Es una secuencia coreográfica hecha a partir de cómo el movimiento se siente en términos del sistema propioceptor e interoceptor. En el momento en que entro en una sensación, inmediatamente cambio a otra. Es una obra corta si si se mide el tiempo en minutos u horas. Pero es una obra larguisima, si se considera que el tiempo no existe y que lo único que existe es el cambio. La decisión de cuál movimiento sucede a otro, está en relación al grado de diferencia entre ambos.

(ENG) “Without image” is a paradox: it presents a body to be observed but that body does not think it is observed. The body becomes a container of sensations that can not be seen but they happen. What that body does has no relationship with an image yet is never without one.
It is a sequence of movements based on how the movement feels like in terms of the proprioceptive and interoceptive system. I tried to concentrate on becoming aware of the physical sensations that a movement produces, without any image or metaphor, without thinking about how the body looks or what certain action might mean, without the movement following a stimulus (real or abstract). While my body will always have an image, I wondered what would happen if I forget about it.
The result is a series of movements that has no sequentiality, nor any sense. They are very short movements, because at the time I go into a sensation, I immediately change to another. It is a short work if  time is measured in minutes or hours. But it is a long one if one considers that time does not exist and that all there is, is change. The choice of which movement follows another, is related to the feeling of the movement itself. After making a move and perceiving how It feels, I make several other movements, and I notice if the sensation they produce is really different from the one that I perceive from the previous movement. When I feel a substantial change in terms of sensation, then this movement is fixed in the sequence.


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Sin Imagen by Esthel Vogrig Nardini is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional License.
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