MI ULTIMA FOTO & SIN IMAGEN Dance Makers Toronto



ESTHEL VOGRIG NARDINI    |    https://esthelveravogrig.wordpress.com/

Esthel Vogrig is an Italian-Mexican choreographer and performer currently living in Mexico City. Her work develops across various mediums such as video, interactive platforms and non conventional scenic formats. Her recent projects include Sin imagen, El hipergesto, La maraca and Mi última foto. These pieces have been presented extensively within Mexico and Latin America.

In 2010 and 2012, Esthel co-organized Interferencias, an international performing arts encounter wich one of the main topics was about the making of the commons.  Following the last encounter, “Interferencias, the book” was published and presented in Portugal, Vienna (ImpulsTanz) and San Luis Potosi.

Esthel is part of Colectivo AM, a group of choreographers that share an investigation and creation platform. In 2013, they work togheter in a series of workshops and presentations in numerous Mexican cities through the Octopus Project: propagation of choreographic waves, and co’creat “Arrecife” (Reef) a 45 hours performance for the Museum of Contemporary art (MUAC).

She is a member of “Los Vecinos del Ritmo”, a band that creates songs through digital sounds triggered by the movement of the body.

In addition, she usually engages in pedagogic practices with several institutions and maintains a self-education program on topics that make her curious.



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